Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hawaiian pillow

My Mother-in-law wants to make a pillow......
Hawaiian STYLE!
This is NOT a project I would have ever chosen on my own....
but when sweet Mother-in-law wants something....
then sweet Mother-in-law gets it!!!! ;)
I'm making one so that I can help HER make one.
We've made a few quilts together and I enjoy
the process and the time we're able to spend together
doing something fun!!!

There I was needleturning this yesterday as I sat in a hospital room
with a relative......
 I don't see too many quilts using this pattern in blogland.
Look what I saw when I got home from the hospital!
Victoria is making THIS!!!!!'s not Hawaiian quilting....
But it IS

Here's the pattern my Mother-in-law and I are using.
Victoria sure has me thinking about
some possibilities though!!!
Next up...
I need to begin handquilting this.


  1. You got it needle turned already?

    funny how things always show up in 3 and 4's...
    this is sweet,did you make the pattern? How did your MIL like it?

    Happy Sewing

  2. Handquilting is the best on a Hawaiian quilt....but it takes a long time to do those echoes! But you are speedy, so GO GIRL!

  3. Hola tienes unos trabajos muy interesantes, he visto tu enlace en el blog de Rosiña, un saludo y hasta pronto.

  4. Good for you to try this! I started a pillow a few years ago, a Hawaiian appliqued "palm tree" design (naturally), and haven't finished it. But it's recently been prioritized on my new and updated UFO spreadsheet (18 projects that WILL be finished), so it will be done. Then you'll see one more in the blogosphere. Thanks for sharing yours.

  5. This will be a gorgeous pillow. I like Hawaiian quilts but then I like all cutwork applique!

  6. Same colors even! how funny is that? Your pillow will be lovely! I guess it must a have secret therapeutic essence as I too, will be sewing mine in a hospital room!


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