Monday, January 9, 2012


It's a beginning.
I love this part....
Choosing the block....
digging around for fabric....
Finding some little pieces of SCRAPS!!....

Figuring out how to arrange the blocks!

I love beginnings SOooo much...
I feel like BEGINning some more quilts today
finishing THIS one!

I know...
But there are SOoo many quilts swimming around in my HEAD!
I want to get them OUT!!!
Maybe making ONE block for EACH idea will help!????..

Have you ever felt like that?

After ALL....
I have ALL year to finish them.


  1. You're off to a beautiful start with this, Beth. Can't wait to see how it progresses!

    Happy sewing!

  2. What a great way to use those scraps. This is going to be a beautiful quilt!

  3. I had that same thought today . . . maybe if I just one square for every quilt swimming around in my head, I can put those one squares into a big kitchen sink quilt like Victoria's! I think it's a plan! hehehe.

  4. the layouts seem endless!!! i love the look of them all. i always seeem to want to start another project just when i should be finishing another....there are so many that i want to make i can not decide. i was thinking about doing a block a month to go along with the block party book just to try something new all the time.

  5. Beginnings are the most fun of all; I just have trouble with the finishing.That is one of my all time favorite blocks. I keep meaning to do one.

  6. LOL! For all the quilts I've made, there are still tons more in my head and then there's all the ones I haven't even thought of yet! This project looks like a good one I just love that first arrangement! Isn't it funny, I've been thinking about a log cabin with alternating light/dark rows rather than "sides" but I think I'll use a full log cabin block or maybe a courthouse steps-I haven't done one of those yet.

  7. Lol, you are so funny. I know JUST how you feel! Who needs patterns with all the ideas running around in our heads! I did find a way to store them before they get away and in turn it allows a little peace in your mind... I got a note book with pages that are half graph paper, half lined paper. I draw out the idea in the graph area and have room for notes on fabric choices, settings, the origin of the idea, yardage calculations if I do them. It is very handy. Some patterns leave me completely alone after I get them down like that - they must be the ones that don't want to get done badly enough to compete for memory space!

  8. I like to make a block of an idea that has captivated me... many times i find that it looked better in my head than in reality and ive been able to let it go for the next idea.

  9. If you don't start ... then you can't finish right? Good luck! :)

  10. Those will make a wonderful quilt.

  11. Yes! I am doing the same thing. Great minds think alike. Those blocks are stunning.

  12. Yes. So many quilting plans, not enough time. (sigh)

  13. Oh yes, I can't wait to start the next quilt.....that is why I have so many UFO's!
    But, oh well it is still fun!
    they'll get done someday by someone one way or another :0).

    Love the Mason jar in fabric......great job!

    Happy Sewing


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