Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pincushion Parade!!!

I'm hosting a PINCUSHION PARADE this week!
Very Impromptu!!!!
Hope you'll share your pincushion
or PINCUSHIONS with us!!!
Maybe you have a collection??

Something you made without using a sewing machine.

There might be a sentimental pincushion on your shelf.

Or something cute.

Is there a pincushion you designed??

A pincushion that was inspired by someone else??

An OLD one....

A UNIQUE pincushion.

Link up this week!!
Show us your stuff.
We ALL love these little work horses, don't we???
Maybe you don't like pincushions......:/
Tell us why.
You can link up with an old post...
or a new one!
I hope I get to see LOTS of FUN pincushions THIS WEEK!

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  1. How fun! I'll have to take a pic of my pin cushions and write a post, then come back by later to link. Can't wait to see everyone's pics. What a great idea, thanks for hosting it!

  2. All so cute, but love that one with the wooden bobbin holder.

  3. opps, please delete one of my link ups :)

  4. I only have 1 magnetic, geez I need a pin cushion swap. I really like the wooden one with spindles for bobbins, maybe I will make one kinda like that.

  5. I love your pincushions, especially the one on the wooden piece! I have posted on my blog with photos and a link back here to you! Thanks for the party!

  6. I had a lot of trouble with the "crop" of the image. Sorry for 2 happy clowns. The thumbnail doesn't even show the top of the clown's hat which is the pincushion. He is a ceramic that I found in a thrift shop for 25 cents. I couldn't resist him! He sits on my sewing table and I am happy every time I look at him.

    I have made many pincushions from ceramics (with some kind of hole at the top to add the pincushion). Very easy and very cute.

    Thanks Beth for this fun Pincushion Parade!

  7. How super fun. What a nice collection - I'll try and post a photo soon - great idea!

  8. What a wonderful idea¡¡
    I loved to be part of it¡¡
    Have a nice day¡

  9. This was fun - I have some photos up on Stitches of Life blog.

    Enjoyed seeing the posts!!!!

  10. Love your pincushions! And that old one is so cute! I found out about your parade from Jo. So glad I did so that I could participate!


  11. THANK YOU! I came here from Lollyquilts and then joined the parade and found such great blogs! LOVE IT! So happy. Thanks again!!!! I really like your big petal flower pin cushions! I would like to make one.

  12. Hi Beth my first time on your blog and I have joined to show my pincushion on a cup. Alicia visited me and leave me your link. So here I have been visiting each and seeing all the beautiful work, like yours, colorful! And all varied, they are a complement to the sewing room, plus I think one is not sufficient bonusstars! The tomatoes must be present in the table of a sewing lover, I think I have three. mine in a cup, but there are plenty of ways and resources to create, which are practical above all, my grandmother said that in the table of a seamstress could not miss a cup (of coffee) and a pincushion. I unit for the same purpose! greetings. Rose M.

  13. Tengo una bonita colección de alfileteros, quería enviar uno pero es muy complicado la forma de publicarlo.

  14. I appreciate your pincushion party. I am working my way through the list. I love pincushions, buying and making them.

  15. How delightful! I just found your parade this morning and when I went to join in, discovered your linky closed!! Too bad. But what fun!!

  16. Enjoyed the pincushion parade. Thanks

  17. oh heck - i came back to enjoy the Parade
    - and the linkys are gone! =0(
    ... do it again! do it again! *clapping hands!*


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