Friday, January 6, 2012

Edible Scraps

These LOVELY green scraps appeared at my house yesterday.....
As a result of buying........
ONE big BAG of GREEN apples.
Good thing my 18 year old son was around to EAT half of them!
I hate to see GOOD scraps GO to WASTE....
Even if They're NOT FABRIC scraps!!!!

The apples were quickly seeded and pared.
Thrown into a pot with a TINY bit of water.
While they cooked on LOW.....

I did a bit of stitching.
IF YOU'RE going to COOK...
YOu're going to need NEW POTHOLDERS
every now and THEN!!!!!
I need to add a binding on this one
and I want to see if I can do it ALL by hand!!!!

The apples cooked in a short time.
We ALL enjoyed APPLESAUCE...
and then.....
 I got back to STITCHING the IN-edible kind of scraps!!!!


  1. I'm really into making potholders right now! Playing with quilts in miniature - such color fun. I'm going to finish the binding on two tonight while watching a movie with my husband. I'd love to see the one in your post, when it's finished. I love your patchwork.

  2. Ever not and then, I get into a pot holder making mood and make several.
    Your apples look delicious.

  3. keeping busy as usual. Those apples look delicious. Your potholder is delicious as well :-) keep up the good work Bx

  4. Great use of scraps both edible and non.

  5. i love love love homemade applsauce!!! so yummy


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