Monday, January 23, 2012

For your health.

Did you know quilting adds to a healthy life???
It does.
I'm not sure how much medical PROOF there is in my claims...
but I'd like to STRESS the medical benefits that I think sewing brings.
I was given these blocks.
There were JUST enough to make a baby quilt.
The stripped pieces were already sewn together!!!!
What a BLESSING they were to ME!!!!
As I sat down to the machine...
my mind immediately began to think about a needy child...
Maybe a needy mom who would be using this quilt.
Automatically my troubles melted away!!!

It's truly AMAZING what quilting for OTHERS
will do for your MENTAL health.
And GOOD mental HEALTH means good overall health...right???
Try it today and tell me if I'm ON TO SOMETHING!!!!
Maybe we should do a REAL study about this phenomenon!!!!
Please NOTE:
Results VARY by individual.
Results are not OPTIMUM if using VERY tiny pieces of fabric
that need to MATCH up perfectly.
Best results come when using LARGE
Happy squares of fabric!!!!


  1. I completely agree!! I'm stressed out every day because I'm student teaching but I've made sure to take at least an hour to sew when I get home! Such a cute quilt - love the hearts.

  2. Hi Beth, certainly when we give to others, receiving us. That cute these jobs you do! I've never done, but acknowledge that the quilt pieces are beautiful, long lasting! My grandmother kept a legacy quilt by her grandmother, Greetings, Rose

  3. I absolutely believe that it works. They've done real studies that knitting lowers your blood pressure, so I can totally believe quilting has similar effects. That is, unless you've just sewn two dozen curved seams with an empty bobbin. :-)

  4. I'm positive you're on to something. I know sewing lowers my blood pressure and puts a smile on my face. Plus, it's something I look forward to each day. And if the end product is used and loved, then that's just icing on the cake.

  5. What a wonderful quilt. I do agree that sewing is therapeutic. I might be the odd quilter out, but I have come to love english paper piecing.

  6. I think giving to others is one of the best forms of stress relief therapy. I just wish i had more time in each day to do everything I need to (want to) get done!

    hugs from south Louisiana

  7. YOU are good for my mental health!!!!!!

    and yes, so is patching & quilting!!!!


  8. it definitely calms me and that in turn helps my family :O)

  9. Amen, girl! I can't tell you how much better I feel now that I'm back sewing for the quilt ministry, and not sitting around "recuperating"! Beautiful quilt, by the way!!

  10. Love your theory, it feels right to me. I also agree with the part about the size of the pieces. I so much prefer using pieces that are bigger than 2 1/2 in sq. So much more room to fudge, therefore less stress and faster finishes.

    Love the quilt, what is the fabric of the hearts and alternate blocks? is it that Minky stuff. Looks great but I've never worked with it.

  11. yup your are right. takes my troubles away. And I love the little quilt.

  12. I did know that. My doctor has even told me to keep up my sewing. We have measured results in a very positive way when I get lots of mindless sewing in. So there you have it for measured proof.

  13. I have studied this phenomenon at length, and found that for diabetics it is a God-Send. When I sew for a few hours my blood sugar goes down. (It improves my mood and therefore my physical health.) You know, I do love the little (frustrating) pieces, though. I really haven't noticed that those are detrimental.
    So there is some evidence for your investigation, CSI Beth. Some positive proof.

  14. I always feel better while sewing and its last for hours afterwards too......that is why always sign my posts with:

    Happy Sewing!

  15. This is so very, very true! Sometimes when I am in a stressful situation I will do some "mental sewing", and just go through the motions in my head - sounds silly, but it calms me down!

  16. large squares really do make it a much happier experience

  17. aw, I love this post! I think you're totally right. I could sulk on the sofa, or I could make something beautiful.


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