Tuesday, July 19, 2011

One week.

For one week...
I looked at beauty.

Alaskan BEAUTY!!

Such a well-tended garden!

I also ate the BEST seafood chowder EVER!!
I'm going to start looking for a RECIPE!!!
I want to eat this every day!

This guy was sooo cute!!!

I saw more green than I've ever seen!

I camped a little with my daughter.

And went to a few quilt shops.

You know you're a REAL quilter...
when .....
You go to quilt shops even on
NON-quilting Vacations!!
That's what I thought, anyway.

I needed some more fabric for my joseph's coat.
 I was so happy...
It means I'm making progress!!!

Had to buy some UNnecessary fabric....

some more UNnecessary fabric.

Oooooh! and I read.
What a good book!!!

Back to my sewing machine!!!
I've missed her humming along!
I also missed the first ripe tomatoes!

I missed this.
Can you believe he painted while I was gone??


  1. Thanks for taking us along, Beth!

  2. You're having lots of fun! I've heard that book is good.

  3. What a nice trip you had. Two things: I have an awesome clam chowder recipe courtesy of Walt Disney World. Let me know if you'd like me to email it to you. And, I listened to the audiobook "The Help" and it was wonderful. If you liked the read, I highly recommend listening to it. The narrator does an excellent job with the various voices in beautiful southern accents. I'm sure you're glad to be home.

  4. Oh, it looks like you had a wonderful time! I've started locating a quilt shop every time my hubby and I go out of town, buying fabric as a reminder of that trip instead of tchachkis! I'm glad to hear that The Help is a good book - you know the movie is about to come out this summer? And your husband is awesome!! What a sweet thing to do while you were gone!!

  5. How wonderful you got to share some precious time with your daughter - I would love to see Alaska - and I did with you! Thank you. I'm sure everyone is glad to have you home as much as you are happy to be there.

  6. Beautiful Beth. And, how nice to come home to a freshly painted house. I have a pretty good seafood chowder recipe. It has everything in it from salmon to lobster.

  7. Must the time of the year all over the world for holidays. That's for the lovely photos.
    We are tripping around Aussie. No fabric shops were we are. :(
    My DD2 and family are in Scandinavia.

  8. Sounds and looks like a great time Beth!

  9. What a wonderful trip! We're going on a quick weekend trip in about 10 days -- I was planning on getting "The Help" to read on my trip, too.

    Glad to have you back!!! :)

  10. What a pretty garden in that one photo. My friend recommended that book but I've been unable to find it in our stores, still looking. She loved it. When I travel I also will visit quilt shops when possible (my favorite place to shop!) even if I don't need a thing, they always inspire me and make me feel good.

  11. Lovely trip and great photos. Thanks for sharing them. Unnecessary fabric... is there such a thing? Read the book and enjoyed it, too. The movie is coming out soon, if it's not out already. Happy stitching.

  12. Beth,
    It's good to have you back! I followed Jane's comments while you were in Alaska and thoroughly enjoyed it. Of course you had to buy fabric, what kind of a sewing woman would you be if you hadn't? Read "The Help" a few months back - it was very enjoyable.

  13. Looks like fun! I have peeps in AK also! Small world.
    Say, that amazing first picture... looks like a Truffula Tree. Did you find out the name of it? It's so unusual!
    And how did you get your hobby to paint while you were gone? That would be a recipe I'd like to have.

  14. I went out of town without husband once...and came home to a sink of dishes and loads of laundry. Good for your husband! There is no such thing as unnecessary fabric!

  15. Awww! I saw the Sew 'n Bee Cozy sign and got all excited! I used to live and teach high school in Seward for four years. That was my local store! :) Did you make it to any of the great shops in Anchorage?


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