Saturday, July 2, 2011

extra care

I'm taking extra care as I make this baby quilt.
Anyone else have a baby boom going on???
Many family and friends are expecting a little one
in the next few months!!!

I'm working extra hard on this quilt!!!
I'm trying to redeem myself!!!!
A few years ago I made a quilt for the parents when they married.
It was one of my
queen sized,
machine quilted,
monstrous quilts!!!!

And .....I kind of failed.
The quilt had some...let's just say.....issues!!!!

The funny thing about this quilt was that I didn't know the bride at the time.
I knew the groom.
I thought....Oh well...I really don't know how to fix the quilt...
so I'll give it to them anyways.
My theory is....
You need to make LOTS of mistakes as you quilt.
That way you LEARN.
(that's the way it works for me)
Most people Aren't quilters.
They don't know ALL the mistakes that you make.

I GAVE the quilt to the new couple.
I met the bride a month later.
I found out she majored in CLOTHING and DESIGN!!!
Was I embarrassed???

Of course...she was gracious...
I was RED.
 NOW's my chance!!!
I'm going to make a baby quilt that doesn't have ISSUES!!!!

Wish me luck!
I always need it!!!


  1. I'm sure it will be a wonderful quilt.

  2. Good luck Beth!
    So far the quilt looks great!!


  3. Oh don't stress - what I see looks wonderful.

  4. I am sure someone who is an expert in any craft can appreciate all the hard work you put into that quilt! Anyway, this one looks great!

  5. This one looks wonderful so far, redemption par excellance! Anyway, if the bride knew anything about sewing she would have appreciated just how difficult it is to quilt a mammoth, monstrous quilt...and I bet it wasn't anything like as bad as you are suggesting!

  6. Good luck!!! A baby quilt is always easier to make from start to finish as far as time is concerned (imho)than a queen size quilt! (I always give large lap size quilts for wedding presents- just a thought! ;)

    We have had 6 GKs born in the last 12 months as well as numerous friends having babies also. Apparently,(I've heard expectant moms tell newer expectant moms I know)EVEYONE knows that I will make each and every one a baby quilt! No pressure there! LOL!!

    Great way to use some of my stash though!

  7. Good Luck! But if those squares are the start of your little quilt you are on your way... looks lovely, and interesting. In my o-pine baby quilts should always be highly contrasted, and have interesting shapes... You have both of my criteria! Good Job - so far so good!

  8. Yes, we too have been experiencing a baby boom around here. Seems I've been making one baby quilt after another, but they are such a joy to make. I'm sure that the couple treasures the quilt you made them. If my quilts were scrutinized for the cut off points or the mismatched seams, I would be in trouble. Thankfully, and hopefully, they are loved and treasured and when I fuss about the mistakes, my family says that I am the only one who sees them. Besides, nothing is meant to be perfect except for God and I have beeen told that the Amish always add a mistake in their quilts as a reminder of that. Don't know if that's true or not, but it makes me feel a little better about my inaccuracies. I just do the best I can do and enjoy the journey. Excited to see your finished quilt! No doubt, it'll be wonderful!

  9. Looks like you've got a great start there - your hourglass blocks are wonderful!! I have no doubt there will be no "issues" with this quilt!! Good luck!!

  10. I don't consider them issues, it is character, every quilt has some character somewhere. It may be the piecing or it may be the quilting. Most people don't notice and if they do it is ok because they know a lot of time and hard work went into it.

  11. what a funny story! I love your forge-ahead attitude. Kudos to the bride for being gracious - handmade quilts are still special, even if, or maybe especially because they are not perfect.


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