Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Baby Boom

I told you my circle of friends and relatives decided to have a
Here's another gift....
Winging it's way to the new mommy and daddy!

I just LOVE making baby quilts!
Don't you?

I had some backing fabric I liked....
but not QUITE enough.
A pieced section solved my problem.

This fabric is so soft and sweet.
You can maybe see my simple quilting lines too.
Just followed along next to the blocks....
No marking necessary.....
EXCEPT for the white borders!!
For those I used a ruler and bamboo skewer.
Don't you have bamboo skewers in your sewing room????
LOL!!  :0
I DREW a line with the skewer that left
a DENT in the fabric.
I had to draw the line JUST before sewing.
It was pretty easy to see...
so I followed that as I sewed across that 4" border.
There is a tool that's sold...
can't remember the name of it...
but it also makes an indentation in the fabric
that you can follow.
THAT's what gave me the idea.

Whatever works!!!!


  1. Crisp and clean looking with all the white. Love it! Baby and family will, too :)
    I'll have to remember the skewer idea.

  2. Yes I do like making baby quilts. And, the one you made is soooo cute.

  3. It's adorable. Baby quilts (and babies) are so fun. Love the skewer idea. I can't think of that tool's name either, but it works the same way. You're a smart cookie!

  4. What a grest idea! Off to put a few in my sewing room for next time. Your quilt is beautiful.

  5. The bamboo skewer is a good idea! Interestingly, a while back I made a table runner much like this quilt, and wanted to quilt on the diagonals, which was fine until I got into the white border area. Like you, I improvised, using the back (and very blunt) side of my little sewing scissors. (It was a just "git 'er done!" moment, you know?) I think I like the bamboo skewer better! --Becky C.

  6. "Hera Marker", made by Clover...
    you are very ingenious to use a bamboo skewer...
    atta girl..
    love the quilt!!!

  7. Bright and beautiful! And the backing has great appeal, too. Another nice job. You are prolific.

  8. Very cute. I love making the baby quilts too.

  9. I have bamboo skewers and pipe cleaners! LOL. And a coffee stirrer or two.

    love the baby quilt!


  10. Love it. Can't wait to make one myself. Hugs

  11. Cute baby quilt! Gotta love that backing fabric. Too fun!

  12. I do love making baby quilts! This one is a beauty!

  13. Totally cute! Hey - and a package arrived at my house, just before we left for a mini-vacation.

    Thanks so much! I'll work it in, and will definitely show you the results.

    Nice meeting you, my friend!


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