Saturday, August 29, 2009

one of my favorites!

Here's picture of one of my favorite quilts.
(I DO have a lot of favorites though).

I made this last year as a wedding gift.

There have been a lot of weddings
in my sphere of friends...
actually they're
mostly kids of friends...:)

(Don't know why this picture isn't bigger.....?)

This quilt started with a pack of
30's charm squares.

I made lots of half square triangles,
and then tried to figure out how to put them together.

I put those big outside stars together and then
I had a big opening in the middle!
The pot and leaves came
and then the vine.
It all finally fit together!

I love the way it turned out.
don't you?

Thanks Heather for taking a picture!
(I forgot to take a picture before I gave it away!)
Don't do that.
I'm OFF to quilt 24/7.
I'll be missing the family
and missing blogland!
There will be a running commentary in my head as I sew this week.
"I'll tell them this.....and this....and that....."


  1. OH WOW....I love this quilt.....I would get
    re-married if I could get one of these!!!

  2. Wow, did that quilt ever come together nicely! Beautiful.

    I once saw an idea for a border that I thought would look great on a table runner so I made it as the outer border first and then had to figure out what to make for the middle. Your project was much more ambitious!

    Have a great week of quilting, quilting, quilting . . .

  3. I love reading your blog, Beth. Partly because I can totally hear how your voice would sound saying these things! Hope your week away helps you to come back refreshed!
    -ps, I got my sewing machine back from the guys... Perhaps I'll even get to something besides knitting?

  4. This is so pretty! ANd you've been busy with some lovely projects. The food you made looks so yummy........

  5. Ohmygosh -- this quilt is beautiful! And you gave it away? What a sweetie you are!

  6. Hey Beth, Don't you love Pacific Grove? I love the blue quilt.


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