Thursday, August 13, 2009

more sunflowers

Aren't these pretty? I sure enjoy the summer flowers.
Here's the dress/shirt(?) that my BIG girl brought home for my LITTLE girl. HOW SWEET!
The problem is it's too short for a dress and too long for a shirt.
I have lots of fabric and could probably do something about this!

Here's some nice yellow - sorry about the bad lighting here..
I think all I need to do is gather this long piece....
Sew it on the bottom of the dress....

Add a flower to make it EXTRA cute......

What a cute little girl.....
With a very nice BIG sister!


  1. Oh is this a sweet post. I LOVE it! The "new" dress is perfect.

  2. She is too cute!

  3. what a cute dress! Love your solution


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