Monday, August 17, 2009

batting scraps

Do any of you quilters out there have these?
What are they?.......
All the scraps of batting that multiply as you make more and more quilts.
My mission in life:
Find ways to use these strips that many people probably throw away.
Maybe we ALL keep them? :)
Does anyone else out there USE these....?
This week I found a new way to use up these scraps!
All you perfectionists out there....close your eyes. :)
I made a pillow to match my husband's new quilt.
First I pieced the pillow front. (shown below)
I laid the backing down.
I spread batting strips on top.
I sprayed all three layers with quilt basting spray.
I laid the pillow front down.
I quilted these three layers together.
Pillow front complete.
Trim edges.
Add a back to my new pillow shams.....

Does anyone notice the little ridges where the batting meets?
Tomorrow - update on snowballs!
Today - get to work on snowballs!


  1. Gosh, I don't care what you used for batting . . . I think those pillow shams REALLY add a lot to the whole ensemble on the bed.

    I use my leftover small pieces of batting like yours for batting in little (3" x 3") quilted blocks to use as Christmas tree ornaments.

  2. Great idea! I've also seen where leftover batting peices are "peiced" together end to end using a zig zag stitch and then used in any kind of quilting project!

  3. Great idea! ANd I love the pillows - they look so cool

  4. Ok this post is almost a year old - but i just "found" it.... (i LOVE your down to earth quilting blog) and i also keep these batting scraps. (they're too expensive to simply throw out ~ and i don't believe in waste). I saw someone put them together with zig-zag stitch - lay them side by side, and zig zag them together.

    potholders, placemats, small things like that....although i think a small quilt would work too.

    i can't see how it should be a problem - once you quilt a quilt, the batting inside is fastened down securely.



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