Tuesday, August 18, 2009

progress so far....

Summer Snowballs are coming together!
I sewed all the blocks together and was happy that there very few corners not REALLY together. I'm always trying to improve in THAT department!
Here is my black border.
I used black scraps, 10" wide, in no particular order.
I only tried to keep from putting the same kind of blacks together.
This is a nice background for some SIMPLE applique.

Here I am thinking about colors.

Here I am thinking about WHAT to applique.
I used 2 1/2" bias strips, basted in thirds for the vine.

Here is my super complicated (ha!) pattern.

I traced LOTS of leaves. (about 40)

I cut lots of leaves.

I ironed lots of leaves onto my leftover scraps from snowballs.

Here I am experimenting with a new applique method.
and I'm not sure I'll do it right.
First I'm going to put glue on edges.
I saw it demonstrated and am worried I don't remember the details.
I've done applique before.....
needle turn,
and raw edge.
but not this.

Next, I folded the edges over.

Then....ironed the leaf, front and back.

o.k. friends.
Here it is - in process.
I need to do some investigations...
How do I get the freezer paper off the leaf and when?
I have some ideas, but I haven't tried them yet.

I'll let you know how it goes.
I love doing detective work...
too many Nancy Drew books in my childhood!


  1. Love, love, LOVE the summer bright and pretty! Sorry, I don't have any advice on the freezer paper!!

  2. I too love this project of yours! How big will it be in the end?

  3. That is going to be one gorgeous quilt. The applique on the border really makes it.

    I'd take the freezer paper out after the piece cools after you press the edge over with the iron. Just pull enough of the folded edge out straight to get a fingernail under the edge of the freezer paper and peel it off and out. (Did that make sense the way I wrote it? Kinda convoluted, I admit.)

  4. Looking good! I'm liking the border.


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