Thursday, August 20, 2009

finishing up

I've been investigating and have some results!
The freezer paper is still on there.
I am zig zagging the leaves on with a VERY tiny stitch.
VERY close together.
I liked having that freezer paper there because the leaf stayed put!
I tried taking the paper off first.
That worked o.k., but the glue is difficult to deal with,
and the leaf doesn't stay as stable on the quilt.
After zig zagging
I cut little slits in the BACK of the quilt
BEHIND the leaf.

Here's my water bottle.

I sprayed all the leaves with water.
When I saw this demostrated she used wet towels on the applique...
but I'm lazy and this seemed simpler.

I pulled all those leaf shapes out through
that little slit in the back.

Remember my basting stitch on the vine?
I needed to remove it. :)
The vine, of course, is already appliqued on.

WOW! This is pretty bright!
I like the leaves.
Of course, I always like leaves.

This quilt is going to get folded and wait for
a wonderful occassion.
Then I'll quilt it.
When will that be?


  1. Any ideas yet on how you're going to quilt it? That's always a big stumbling block for me.

  2. Mama Pea,
    I will probably stipple this if I'm in a hurry...which I usually am. But I may free motion flowers, like daisies, in the snowballs and stipple around the border. I think I will also put veins in the leaves.
    I always have fun quilting the quilt and I don't worry (usually) about the details. The quilt always looks good to me when I'm finished.

  3. Beth! It's so cute! I love all the appliqued leaves! Beautiful!

  4. The applique leaves really pull it all together. It looks wonderful.

  5. wow. Lots of good little tricks here in this post.
    Love your leaves too!!

  6. I absolutely LOVE this quilt, Mrs. Shibley!


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