Sunday, March 26, 2017

Monday Making

It's time to share about what YOU're making this week!!

I'm sure you're in the MIDDLE of something!
Or, if you're like me.....
You're in the middle of many SOMETHINGS!!!

I'm still plugging away at my "H" quilt.
My station is all set up next to the sewing machine.

I finally got SMART and set the small pieces in a plastic bin TOP,
so that I could move it out of the way when needed.
This is a LONG project folks!!!

One little 3 1/2" "H" at a time.

I also pulled out my orphan block box today
and think I might try to get these together
for a charity quilt.

Maybe some cornerstones and sashing???
Maybe a border of some kind to pull it together???

Those are the quilty questions that keep my mind buzzing!!!

I shared a picture of this little sweater Friday.

Finished and GIVEN away already!!

Grandma's happy.

Link up and share about your creative plans for the week ahead!!!


  1. She looks so sweet in her new sweater. So glad it fits her.

    Great idea to use up those orphan blocks that way.

  2. She is just adorable - and you can tell she loves her new sweater. I was smitten with your H blocks and so have to play with them myself.

  3. That sweater is darling as is your model! Extra bonus points for it fitting so well. My recent attempts at fitting have been big failures! Nice collection of orphan blocks. They will make a nice quilt.

  4. You have quite a cute little model there!!! How darling!

  5. I love the H blocks! Thanks for sharing these with us today. :-)

  6. I've been enjoying your H block progress. Love all the scrappiness.
    You granddaughter looks so cute in the sweater you made for her.

  7. What a sweetie. The sweater and she make a darling pair.

  8. Good work on the H blocks - so tiny!

  9. She is soooooo sweet. Love the little sweater.
    Looking forward to seeing the orphan block quilt some together : )

  10. Such a little cutie! Looks like you've got the makings for lots of happy stitching time in your sewing room.


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