Sunday, March 12, 2017

Monday Making

I am so happy to have a little finish.
I'm also sad.
I really enjoyed the time I spent adding EACH line of color!

I have a little stash of  yarns.
Seems I can't say "NO" When I see balls of pretty color
at the thrift store!
I need to USE THEM UP!!

This little crochet blanket will be given to a baby boy!
What are YOU making?


  1. Bright and beautiful! Perfect for a little boy.

  2. OMG! Your edges are so nice and straight! It looks so soft and cuddly. Thanks for letting me link. You have fun parties. The posts show such diversity in creating.

  3. Your afghan is so pretty! I haven't crocheted in years and just started tonight again with the edge on a baby blanket.

  4. Your afghan is so pretty with those pops of red! Loving that! I have been crocheting for over 30 years and still struggle getting my ripple edges straight! Great job!


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