Sunday, March 19, 2017

Monday Making

My "H" quilt is growing!.....

The little pieces are all Sprawled out on my sewing table...
and I sew a couple of blocks together as time allows.

The little "H"s don't take long at all!

At the rate I'm going it will be a very long time
before there is a QUILT!

This past week there was pretty much NO sewing time.

I was camping and took my loom along.
When camping...
I want to be OUTSIDE!

The leftover t-shirt strips
made a very PRETTY rug!

What are YOU making this week???


  1. I just love these little blocks. Enjoy playing, these are too cute to rush.

  2. Your H blocks will let you use up lots of little scraps, so even if it takes a while, its all good. Love your rug, very colorful. Hope you have time for more stitching this week.

  3. I love the vintage vibe of that H quilt.

  4. What kind of loom do you have? I have a loom but I don't think it is wide enough to make rugs.. I would love to start using my loom.

  5. The loom work looks great. It's a great outdoor project.

  6. I love those H blocks, so many possibilities!

  7. Those H blocks look so fun, I might need to make some at some point!!

  8. Love your H quilt! It's a great pattern.:)