Friday, March 31, 2017

Friday Finish

I have a LOFTY goal when it comes to quilting.
I TRY to make ONE charity quilt a month.

Sometimes I pick up a quilt kit at my guild
and sew it together.
Sometimes it's a quilt top that needs quilting.

It's a GOAL....
 I don't always succeed.
I like goals.
They get me moving!

This month I used MY stash for charity!!

I have a plethora of orphan blocks.
Some from blogland friends
and some leftovers from MY projects!

I enjoyed trying to get some of them to play NICE together!

I didn't have quite enough for backing...
so I used two pieces.

It's nice to USE UP these little leftovers
and share a comfort quilt with someone
who needs some CHEER!


  1. Very sweet quilt! The border fabric flowers look almost like an extension of some of the blocks!

  2. very cute quilt. my leftover blocks arent playing nice together. I will add some friends to them to see if I can get them into a quilt.

  3. It's a very cute quilt, and a great way to use up those orphan blocks. Love it!

  4. Oh so cute. I love doing love (charity) quilts.

  5. I don't have a plethora of orphan blocks, but certainly an over abundance of scraps. I am challenging myself to get busy and at the very least send some blocks off to be made into charity quilts. Like Covered in Love at Kat and Cat Quilts. Nice job with your blocks. It's lovely!

  6. Such a SWEET charity quilt! I love it. Often I work orphan blocks into quilt backings or pot holders. A charity quilt a month is a wonderful goal. That's a lot of comfort and warmth for those in need.

  7. Cheer, indeed! It's wonderful!

  8. Congrats! on creating a sweet little Orphan Block quilt.

  9. You'd never guess those were orphan blocks. Very pretty!

  10. Yay :D I have a monthly community sewing goal, too. I try to get a charity quilt to the next significant stage (make all the blocks; assemble a whole top; do the quilting). My favorites are for Quilts of Valor, wheelchair quilts for the nursing home, firehouse/police quilts for when they have to rescue or remove children, and breast cancer fighters. Do you have favorites, or a standard go-to for donating?


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