Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday Finish

I have a small finish this week!
Hooray for finishes!
 I used  THIS pattern.  Simple and sweet.
I made the largest size (5)
and hope it fits my granddaughter someday!

I so loved this yarn I found recently...
I HAD to find something to make with it!!

This here is my ongoing sewing project.
A few minutes here...
a few minutes there...

Someday ALL those 3 1/2" blocks will be a QUILT!!
The question is...
HOW BIG will it BE???


  1. That is really fun yarn and a nice finish for the week. What a wonderful scrap quilt that will make. 3 1/2" blocks are pretty small for a big quilt!!!

  2. such a pretty yarn and a nice top. and yes 3 1/2 inch blocks will take a ton of them lol but I have been known to do things like that LOL
    looks good so far

  3. Congrats on finishing off the sweater, it's lovely. Love your bright blocks. Those are great scrap busters, especially if you decide to make a bigger quilt.

  4. Lots of pretty blocks and a good use of scraps. Hopefully your stash will see little difference.

  5. the sweater is wonderful. I wish I had an H important enough to make the h quilt. the blocks look so scrappy and cute.

  6. HI Beth, LOVE your blog. I am always inspired so I have lots of UFOs but I LOVE that too. I am just starting a H quilt! Well 2 in fact. One pink and one blue. I just make baby quilts as I am a bit impatient to get things done and sent off to new owners. I love giving the quilts away as much as I love making them! My favourite quilts are scrappy and I really appreciate you sharing ideas. Wish I could knit like you do. (Note to self- Keep practising!) Cheers

    1. I'd love to see your "H" quilts when you get them together! I think focusing on one color will be great FUN!


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