Sunday, January 1, 2017

Monday Making

I am so HAPPY to report that 2017 is beginning with a QUILT!

Squares are 3".
ALL from my stash.
There are some oldies but goodies in here.
Scrap quilts will always have my HEART.

This quilt is for an upcoming baby shower.
I plan to quilt and then TRIM the edges straight.
THAT way I won't have to worry about Bias edges.
Bias edges are very finicky!!

What are YOU making this first week of the NEW year??


  1. You are very wise to quilt first then trim. That saves a lot of grief. The quilt is very pretty, lovely crib quilt. Blessings.

  2. Ah this is sweet! Now I want to start trimming scraps for one like this ; so pretty.

  3. Very soft and pretty, a perfect baby quilt.

  4. Beth, you make the best equations -- simple + scrappy = splendid!
    Happy new year to you!

  5. What a cute quilt! Great way to start off the new year!

  6. Your one patch quilt looks fantastic! Have you thought of basting the edges of your quilt to control that bias, the way clothing patterns always tell you to stay stitch any bias edges of pattern pieces before you do anything else to them? You could starch the top to help it behave and then sew that straight line diagonally through the outer squares, right where you plan to trim it later, with your sewing machine or serger. How are you planning to quilt it? I love the look of scrappy squares alternating with white patches.

  7. Going to be a precious baby quilt. Happy New Year!

  8. Yes, bias is a pain! The block I linked above is all about bias. Next time more starch, much more. Thank you for the linkup!

  9. Very nice -- especially as a year beginning top! What a nice bunch of squares you had. Some baby will love this quilt.

  10. Your first 2017 quilt is so much scrappy fun! Love it!

  11. So beautiful! I could only gasp and stare admiringly at your lovely baby quilt! I love the alternating white squares background fabric! And by setting it on point, you've added extra interest to the quilt! Perfect! Out of curiosity, did you use the same white fabric or is that scrappy as well? Thank you for sharing!

  12. What a great start. The 1st of many quilts I'm sure for 2017.


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