Sunday, January 8, 2017

Monday Making

It's time for a Monday Making party!!

I spent the weekend away UNEXPECTEDLY with our foster baby
in the hospital.
I realized tonight that this party needed to HAPPEN!
Almost lost track of the days!

We're both home now.

Thankful for the friends and family that came alongside me
and made the weekend a LOT less stressful than it could have been.

Husband was out of that made it kind of tricky.

I was also thankful that I had accidentally left
toothbrush and paste in my knitting bag after a dentist appointment.
What a WONDERFUL feeling to find it after 
an emergency trip to hospital ended in a weekend stay!
The only reason the knitting bag ended up with me...
was that I was knitting when the emergency happened!!!

Another simple...but BIG thanks...
was that paramedics wrapped the baby in an afghan as we took off!
I LOVED having something comfy to sleep with at night!

This is on my floor at home.
I hope to get some sanity this week as I sew!!!
What are YOU making this week???


  1. Small blessings in the middle of chaos.
    So glad you are both home now.

  2. What a scary week-end but I'm glad things turned out well. Pray it never happens again.

  3. Glad you are ok. Can't wait to see what you create. Hugs.

  4. Oh that's scary. Glad that things are OK and you are both home. Wishing you a very calm week.

  5. You have a foster baby! I so admire those that are foster parents. I sometimes wish that had been a path for me. I miss children in the house. Hope the baby is now well and won't be back in the hospital

  6. Oh gosh - hope everything is better!! and you know - family always comes first - hugs!!

  7. glad you are both home and okay

  8. oh my - what a weekend - funny how we can manage in tough situations but don't think we can - good thoughts your way

  9. Glad for the tender mercies (afghan, tooth paste, toothbrush and good friends) you received this weekend. Hope all are doing well and you find time for some creativity.

  10. Emergencies with children can be so stressful - glad you are both home.

  11. I'm so glad you are back home and I hope everyone is OK.

  12. Wow. Not the nice relaxing weekend you were planning no doubt. Happy to hear you are home and hopefully everything is good. The colors you've shown are going to be great in something. I hope you have some time to play with them this week.

  13. I hope everything is better now! I am sending warm wishes your way.

  14. Hope this was a minor scare and that everything is okay now. Good you had that bag with you!

  15. Dear friends:
    Thanks for all the hugs and prayers! Baby is doing good and now on appropriate meds. I appreciate YOU!

  16. What an awful weekend that must have been. So happy to hear you are both home and baby is getting better. Wish you some respite this week. Blessings. ;^)

  17. oh Beth, how scary! So glad you are home and hopefully things are looking up. What a comfort to have your knitting with you :) God bless you all.

  18. hope all is well. scary for all involved. glad you were prepared with what you needed. I bet that knitting project grew. when I am nervous our upset I can knit like nobodys business

  19. Oh my! As a retired military family, I went through many such scares! I hope all is well now! Your quilt looks so pretty! I'm eager to see your progress! :)


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