Sunday, January 15, 2017

Monday Making

My week is going to be GOOD.
VERY good.

The reason?
I'm going to continue to play with my scraps.

Last week....
I thought I'd be working on this baby quilt.
But...... One thing led to another....

And THIS happened.

After sewing strips and squares...
I began to play.

"How should they be ARRANGED?" I wondered.

Right now they look like this.

I will let them marinate tonight
and see what I think tomorrow.

I've said it before...
I'll say it again....
Scraps are my FAVORITE kind of fabric!!!!

This quilt also contains lots of old shirts and sheets.
Cotton fabric is found in SO many places.

what are YOU making this week???

Thank you for all your sweet comments last week.
I'm home with baby and all's well.


  1. It's fun to play and just do what we want to do. Enjoy!

  2. A very fun mix of scraps. I like the layout you've got them in now.

  3. Oh look at you - speaking my language ( plaids) I like the very first pic as a layout!! But what fun you will have deciding!

  4. Don't you love how one thing leads to another?!! I really like your scrappy shirtings project. Hope you're having fun with it.

  5. I always love seeing what you make, and it definitely inspires me! I desperately want to do this so bad, but have some other projects that must be finished first.

  6. I love where you have taken your scraps ... it's going to be a great quilt.

  7. I loved the little squares from last week. I think I might hear them crying because you worked with the other scraps. But, you did a great job with them. I love your term marinate because I do that too. Have a fun week and hope to see the finished flimsy then.

  8. I love those blocks! I have been wanting to make some for myself. Your post just might be my inspiration.

  9. Love those blocks with the solids and plaids. So country, so Logging Country, hehehe! Love the last picture best. It's like a Bento Box quilt. Very nice. Enjoy! ;^)

  10. Any arrangement looks great with those blocks!

  11. I love your quarter-log cabin blocks, especially the color range and those bold stripes in some of the blocks.

  12. Oh, your scrappy project is coming along quite nicely. Great fun!

  13. Oooh, love the log cabin blocks!

  14. I love scraps too and you play with yours so well!!

  15. I love scrappy sewing as well! Thank you for sharing your blocks! You know, I have some scrappy strips that would work well for Covered in Love! Thank you for the inspiration!


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