Sunday, December 25, 2016

Monday Making

Merry Christmas to all my friends in blogland!
The quiet room here was only quiet for a little bit this morning.
It was soon FULL of FAMILY, laughter and FUN!!!

After my BIG day today....

I am READY to sit and stitch for a bit.

This spike stitch crochet afghan is ALMOST big enough.
And... you ask.....
How big IS big enough???

That's the million dollar question.
I've finally settled on twin size.

I love all that beautiful color!!!

What are YOU making this week???

At this point you have a WHOLE year to make your Christmas gifts!!!


  1. Hope you had a very happy holiday. We celebrated last night, today was all about the nap.

  2. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! I love your at this point, you have a whole year to make Christmas gifts comment :)

  3. Your afghan looks great! I know you will find the perfect size.

  4. Only 364 days left to make Christmas gifts! LOL. From the looks of your tree it seems Christmas 2016 was a success at your house. Thank you for the linky party!

  5. Hi Beth, hope you had a great Christmas.Good luck with the afghan!


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