Sunday, December 18, 2016

Monday Making

It's time for a Monday Making party again!
Time has a way of  RACING when I want it to slow down.

I have a busy week with some kids in town.....
and lots of Christmas preparations STILL to be accomplished.
Thank goodness for amazon.

I can only DREAM about sewing this week.
I'll be doing a fair amount of cooking
While I sit and visit I'll probably be knitting.

Here's a block I made a while back
using Crazy Mom's pattern.

I love this Christmas tree!

And....... HERE's a precious girl!
ONE year old this week!!

Grandma is kinda proud.

Link up and share about what YOU're making this week!


  1. Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl, she is such a sweetie. I'm dreaming of sewing too, even Baby hasn't had a workout. I did share the most wonderful cake recipe though.

  2. your birthday girl is such a cutie pie. Happy birthday! unlike you I will be a sewing maniac. my brothers said they were going to be out of town (leaving me more time) but last minute decided to stay here. and one brothers panel I cant find. better clean my room, huh??? hopefully I get all 3 quilts done. one is done, one needs back and quilting and 3rd one needs everything if I can find the panel. talk about pressure LOL

  3. The birthday girl is definitely a little cutie. Enjoy your family time and spoil the little ones while you have the chance. They all grow up way too soon.

  4. happy birthday to the baby - they grow up so quickly!

  5. oh the baby is so beautiful. Just perfect little doll baby. I can see those fingers holding a needle and thread one day, learning to quilt from gran. LeeAnna

  6. Ahh 1 Yr old - how adorable!!! Love your little Christmas Tree block too!

  7. And well you should be! Enjoy the holidays. And I so agree with you that Amazon is wonderful. I just put in an order for almost everything I need to finish off the list! Happy Christmas to you and yours.

  8. Such a pretty tree and an evymore beautiful granddaughter! She's precious!

  9. Happy Birthday cute baby!
    Love your Christmas tree!


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