Friday, December 16, 2016

Friday Finish

Today I'm sharing with you this Friday finish!!

A little dress for my almost ONE year old

The fabric is a nice piece of vintage cotton that I LOVE....

and the pattern is also an OLDIE but goodie!

I don't make many clothing items...
JUST simple ones like this.

Quilting comes much more naturally to me!

I like the IDEA of making clothes..
but more often than not....
I'm disappointed with the outcome!

I also had some success in the kitchen this week.
Two "new to me" recipes.

The first is a Navajo taco.
I have great memories of traveling through Arizona
and stopping for this regional dish!

I found an excellent Youtube video on how to make the fry bread

I wouldn't call it healthy eating...
but it SURE WAS good!!!
Everyone enjoyed dinner!!!

I also got SUCKED into making these
after seeing a post on instagram.

DO you find yourself cooking new things
after seeing them on instagram or other
social network type places???

These cookies are ...I think....
the BEST I've ever eaten.

They begin with browning butter in a saucepan
and letting it cool before getting all the ingredients together.

THAT is the secret to GREAT cookies, I guess!

There you go.
A little sewing
and some NOT-so-healthy eating!!!


  1. I am finding new recipes constantly on pinterest and try some of them out. I still have my favorites though that I make every year although some I know longer make when I find new favorites.

  2. A very sweet little dress, lovely old pattern...
    Wishing you a Merry Christmas and All the Best Wishes for 2017 ...

  3. The dress is adorable, I wish I had a little girl to sew for. I have two grandsons and I doubt any more, so need to learn how to make boy things;)


  4. oooo! Thanks for the link for the cookies, they do look tasty. And the dress, so cute! I'm sure your little someone will look adorable in it!

  5. Love the little dress - I am not fond of sewing clothes either and I use to do a lot of it in my teens. Thank you for the links to the 'healthy' food.

  6. I love the fabric you used on the cute dress, Beth. That turned out so well.

  7. Oh, I do hope that someday soon you can snap a picture of your cute little girl in her pretty new dress!!! Soon she'll out grow it but you'll keep the wonderful memory. Those cookies sounds scrumptious, thanks for the tip.

  8. A little sewing, a little baking- must be the holidays! The dress is so cute. I just watched an episode of Hidden Heritage on RFDTV that featured a woman showing how to make the Navajo Taco- she sells a fry bread mix. Looks yummy.

  9. You had me at "butter" ....Enjoy the cookies.

  10. A very cute little dress. I used to make a lot of clothing, but college put a stop to that. Quilting is much more relaxing.

  11. oh! Fry bread! I remember eating Navajo tacos when I was student teaching at a Native Am school. Would love to eat one again - guess I'll have to make them!


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