Sunday, September 25, 2016

Monday Making

Here's a very soft and pretty charity quilt
I put together yesterday.

It all began with a quilty question
and a picture of a quilt sent via email.

I was asked....
Did I know the pattern...
and what were the dimensions.

THAT got me going!!!

Hah hah!!
A little sewing MATH to keep the Ol' brain cells moving!

I used two 5" squares
and a 3 1/2"x 9 1/2" rectangle for each block.
(You can get FOUR rectangles out of a
3 1/2" strip cut Width of fabric)

I have a nice STASH of 5" squares I was able to use
and after putting this quilt top together
I realized
the PINKS are definitely USED up!!!

I didn't know that could happen!!!

I'm not sure MY version is the same as the photo sent to me...
but it WORKED!
A simple charity quilt
that used UP some STASH
gave my mind some exercise!!

My son was busy weaving as I sewed
and since I admired this one
(It's lovely right??)
It was GIVEN to me!!!

I LOVE these bright colors.
Such a contrast to the project I was working on!!!

So friends...
What are YOU working on???


  1. I will be working on my Postage Stamp border all week working with wool

  2. I love your son's woven potholder. I have a couple of these myself, and they are my go to favorites.

  3. I've been going through stash; cutting it into 5" blocks and varying sizes of strips. I have plenty of 5" blocks to make this quick and easy child's quilt. I love fast and easy quilts. Blessings, Gretchen

  4. Very soft and pretty. It's a great stash buster and requires no seam matching, even better!

  5. Beth, you make the simplest patchwork look so soft and cheerful.

  6. Oh that is really cute ! It will be loved

  7. I remember making those hand woven potholders when I was young and then my children made some. They were fun! I admire someone who can put a quilt together in a day. It always seems to take me twice as long as anyone else. Karen

  8. Thanks for the quick and easy pattern that is so adaptable and yours looks great! Thanks also for the linky party!


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