Thursday, September 29, 2016

Pink Charity

This week afforded me some TIME...
(A RARE occurrence over here)...
so I was able to finish my charity quilt!

I'm so happy I added those borders.
Little things sometimes help a LOT!!
The side panels are 3"...
the bottom and top are 4 1/2".
I USE what I have friends!!

I thought the BRIGHT pink gingham backing was SO nice...
I also used it for the binding!

This pattern is SO simple
and SUCH a great way to use up those 5" squares 
that were hanging around here!!

I love this quilt so much...
it will be hard to give away!


  1. It is a pretty finish and a great use of the squares.

  2. Very pretty! Another great idea on using our charms packs!

  3. Congrats on a very pretty finish.

  4. That turned out really nice! I love all of the soft colors you used! As you know, I like the pattern so much that I have already used it. Thanks for the pattern!

  5. It's darling! Those sweet, soft colors are perfect for someone's little girl. I'm sure this quilt will be well-loved.

  6. That is darling! You are amazing!


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