Friday, September 9, 2016

Friday Finish

I'm happy to have a finish this Friday.
This is a very simple "I spy" quilt
using 5" squares.

I have a bag FULL of  Novelty prints
and my bag didn't disappoint me!!
I had JUST ENOUGH to make this quilt
without duplicating!

The piano key border is just 2 1/2" strips cut width of fabric....
 sewn together in THREES and then cut into 4" segments.
 I only needed 3 sets of these long strip sets
PLUS a few extra pieces to 
get all the way around my quilt!
So simple and it goes together SO FAST!!!

I'm OFF to quilt!!!

Happy SEWING friends!!!


  1. Absolutely darling and some child will love this to death!

  2. Oh what a lovely way to show off all those fun prints, it looks wonderful :)

  3. I love an Eye Spy quilt!!!! I sometimes make them using pairs of the charms so they can look for the pairing in the quilt and I sometimes make them with only one "pair" in the quilt so that can be found.

  4. I want to make an I Spy quilt, when I have enough different fabrics - I like your piano border idea - thanks :)

  5. Your piano key border makes the whole quilt sparkle!

  6. Very cute quilt and the piano key is a great finish.


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