Sunday, September 11, 2016

Monday Making

I saw this block last week and KNEW I had to TRY it!
The pattern is available at blocklotto.
Some people will be sending theirs in
to possibly WIN a set!!

I have YET to decide which Way I'll go.
KEEP my blocks...???
SEND them in and HOPE to win.????

I will make some more this week and decide.

What are YOU making this week???


  1. It is a cool block. I'd be tempted to keep it and make a scrappy quilt.

  2. I haven't made my blocks for this month's OMMS (block lotto block) -- waiting to see what comes up next month and then I'll catch up again. Your block is lovely!!

  3. love your block. I found your blog through some others and came to visit and link up

  4. Welcome to Block Lotto! You can make 1 to 9 to contribute to the drawing. They're so easy you can make a bunch more for yourself! (I think I will try some in 30's.)

  5. Really pretty Barn Door Block in the red and a light, now I'm tempted, too!

  6. That is a wonderful pattern and very different. (Or at least it is different to ME!) Thanks for giving the link. I want to try this one too! Although, I definitely will not be putting any in the lotto I have way toooo many block sets hanging around the house. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Very pretty block! Yep, tough to give away, but you could always make more!

  8. I have seen these blocks on the web, too and yours are very pretty.


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