Sunday, February 28, 2016

Monday Making - the Purple edition

It's been a busy week here in my sewing room!
Who knew I'd be able to pull off a quilt top 
AND a backing in one week????

It's a very improvisational quilt.....
so that helps me save some time.
When I quilt like this I do MINIMAL trimming and measuring.

I was really dragging my feet about this one.
The recipient wanted a purple and black quilt.
Those colors are NOT. me.

I pieced some scraps together HOPING to be inspired...
but I wasn't.

Eventually I took out some fabric and began making those big tall

O.k. NOW we were getting somewhere.
I DO love what happened.
I was even able to use the pieced blocks in the back!!!
and I LOVE that TOO!!!!

This week...If I'm lucky.... I'll get going and make a
quilt SANDWICH and QUILT something!!
I have enough quilt TOPS!!

Do you take a DEEP breath before that step??
I do.

I included a picture with my husband's garden in the background.
Isn't it wonderful???
FRESH stuff here ALL the time.
The trick is USING it up!!!

Now it's YOUR turn.
What are YOU making this week???


  1. Love the purple and black -- looking at it just makes me happy.

  2. I love what I see, but especially that back!

  3. Your improv purple quilt looks great! The back is super.

  4. purple is not my color either but I love this one. great quilt! can't wait till our weather allows us a nice garden like your hubs garden. dreaming of fresh tomatoes.......

  5. I love purple and your blend of colours and shapes turned out really well, even though you're not too happy with it :)

    1. actually I AM happy with it...but I sure had a hard time getting started. ;)

  6. I'm not a purple person either but my daughter loves it. Your quilt looks great! She would love it. The back is fabulous!

  7. I've got a purple quilt in my future (the things we do for people we love!). Plummy purples & gray, in my case. Yours is an inspiration!

  8. Love purple quilts. Your backing is fabulous. Yes, I do take a deep breath before starting to quilt. I have a couple of quilts that have been sandwiched for years waiting for me to start.

  9. I'm always amazed at how good triangles look with other triangles... improv like you've done here. That type of quilt always grabs my attention and makes me want to make one. I have so little purple I'd have to buy a lot of it to make a quilt. It's not that I don't like it I just use the big pieces up too fast! Great job on the purple quilt and the backing too.

  10. My husband would love the quilt. He is a big purple fan. Such a lovely garden yum.

  11. What a fun quilt and so fast! Lovely. Lovely too is that garden in the background. Oooooh I'm hoping for Spring soon.

  12. I think improv piecing is the ultimate experience. At times I haven't been pleased with it, thinking I might have done something different here or there, but the beauty is really in the experience you have.

    Colorwise, I get you. Color speaks loads to me, and I'm not sure how inspired I'd be to make colors out of my palette. OTOH, someone will be very pleased because they're their colors. Its's a toss up, but we do quilt for others.

    Love your backing!

  13. Mmmm - I just love all that purple!! It looks so great!!

  14. You and LeeAnna are both so clever. Love the single color quilt tops you've made. Thanks for linking with AHIQ. It's always good to read what you've been doing.

  15. So many wonderful patterns! Thank you very much! You have made my day! Let stitching bring you enormous pleasure!


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