Sunday, February 7, 2016

Monday Making

Hello friends!
What are you making this week??

I have had MANY appointments lately...
so my MAKING has had to be portable.

Knitting travels WELL!!

I've started another baby sweater.
Baby knits are the BEST!
You get a finished product in so little time!

This pattern looks fairly do-able...
for a simple minded knitter like myself.
Wish me LUCK as I clickety clack away in the waiting rooms!

Pattern I'm using is found here

Link up and share about YOUR homemade progress.


  1. Okay, GOOD LUCK with your baby sweater. But I should warn you, my luck-wishing can backfire. I was wishing the Panthers lots of luck for the Super Bowl yesterday, too... Hope it works out better for your knitting! ;-)

  2. Have fun with the baby sweater. They always turn out so cute! Thanks for hosting.

  3. Good luck with the baby sweater. Love those portable projects and being productive while we sit and wait. Have a great Monday!

  4. Dr.'s visits all terrify me, so I hope that your appointments are all with hair stylists, auto mechanics, and your masseuse!

  5. That makes a great portable project. Love the color too.


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