Thursday, February 4, 2016

The oldest UFO

This is possibly the world's oldest UFO.
It came as a hand-me-down from an 80 year old friend.
It was in HER aunt's quilty project box
Have you seen those boxes???
They aren't rubbermaid folks!!!

I am certain she was going to make a WONDERFUL quilt!!!
she never got to it!

She was hand piecing this one!!
The stitches are so tiny and pretty.
It was a shame to cover them up with the quilt sandwich!

I AM sure though that she would be happy knowing
 her once upon a time project
is now a SOMETHING that SOMEONE can USE!!!

There were LOTS of these half square triangle pieces.
There are four attached here.
ALL I did was applique a muslin square right on TOP!!
Then it was quilt, backing and binding!!
You know the drill.

The fabric is old and a little fragile.
Oh....and there are a few age stains!!

That's o.k.
Those old age spots just say
"USE ME!!!"
And I WILL!!!

There is more treasure in the box.
I'll be BUSY!!!


  1. I love it. These are the best quilty boxes. Hugs

  2. what treasures you have. love it! the maker sure would be proud of what you did with her blocks. they look fab! those other blocks look fun too

  3. Beautiful! She would be very proud!!

  4. I love that you took her WIP and made it into something beautiful!

  5. What a gorgeous treasure chest to have in your possession. So lovely to see a finish from something half done for so long - it's wonderful!

  6. What fun! Those nosegay variation blocks, though - SWOON!!

  7. What fun finds! Enjoy bringing them to life and love❣Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  8. Enjoy your kindred time with your treasures!

  9. What a great way to finish up those HSTs! Very pretty. The colors look very modern, so it's very cool that it's vintage.

  10. So nice that you finished for her. She would be very happy!


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