Sunday, September 20, 2015

Simple sewing

Nothing fancy.
Nothing original.
Just a little practical sewing.

Using up orphan blocks
and covering up some words.
I prefer the patchwork to the words.

I was inspired by one of my friends in blogland...

Thank you for the inspiration, friend!
She posted about HER project here.

On the first bag I used my Pinking shears to cut around the patchwork
and then just sewed it on.
(It was easier than pulling out my machine that has a zigzag stitch)
When was the last time YOU used pinking shears???
They don't get a chance to cut very often, do they???

In the second bag...I ironed the patchwork edge in and then sewed around that.

Both will hold up to shopping trips,
knitting projects,
trips to the library,
and various other errands.

I have too many bags...
and TOO many scraps.
This project connects the DOTS.

What are YOU making this week???


  1. Great way to use up some scraps and personalize those bags.

  2. I like to repurpose totebags, too. I fill them with ARCS (advance reading copies) of forthcoming books and donate them to community fundraisers. When I can, I open the side seams to provide a flat surface to more easily sew on the quilt block. In recent years vendors are saving money by using grocery-bag poly totes rather than sturdy canvas or high-denier nylon. At ALA this year a couple vendors had really cheapo cotton bags--a green version of a paper shopping bag. I got four or five good-quality bags at Salvation Army, all never-used, all from different years of a microbiology conference.

  3. Cool! Such a good idea! Thank you for sharing.

  4. I use pinking shears almost every week - I love them!! I have a set for cutting paper and a set for cutting fabric.


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