Monday, September 14, 2015

Monday Making

Good morning quilters!!

It's Monday.
For me, that means the kids are beginning another week of school.
Summer's over folks!
The crazy summer events are now behind me
and I can FOCUS on some sewing!!

I DUG around in my orphan quilt block box
and pulled this out.
I'm trying to decide what color to make the NEXT block....?????
I could go with the traditional red and green.....
but I want to EXPLORE something else.

What are YOU hoping to make this week???


  1. How about different colours for more different blocks?
    I mean the next full block in blues, the next in greens etc
    it could look good!

  2. Lovely scrappy block. Whatever you decide I know it will be wonderful!

  3. Hello, my first time linking here....look forward to seeing whatever you decide on.

  4. What if you worked your way through pink and orange, make it a warm color wash quilt?


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