Tuesday, September 1, 2015


I don't know about you...
but old quilts like this one INSPIRE me!

The old fabric.
The lack of FUSSY piecing.
The idea that a square in a square block was the jumping off place...
but the square in a square block is never SQUARE!
of course...
the string pieced squares make this one EXTRA special.
I LOVE string quilts.

I mentioned recently that old quilts have been finding their way to my house.
I can't say NO to old quilts...
but I am NOT a collector.
They may not STAY at my house...
but I enjoy touching....
admiring them for a little while.

This quilt is UNfinished.
Someone began quilting it a long time ago
and I JUST might finish the job!

What do YOU admire about these old GEMS???


  1. What a beauty! I love seeing that making a quilt with you had to hand can create a beautiful and scrappy / improv piece of art, I like to mindlessly combine fabrics sometimes and just sew, it's very freeing :)

  2. I always enjoy seeing the old quilts too. Their piecing techniques are fascinating - those that were pieced without all of our fancy tools!

  3. I admire the use of color in old quilts. It always fascinates me to see what fabrics the maker has put next to each other and it always works. I enjoy the random placement of things. I know I overthink my quilts in the construction phase and old quilts are quite refreshingly unpredictable.

  4. Wouldn't you love to know the story behind this one! So interesting!
    Lynn Roddy Brown calls "works in progress"', "value added" projects. We all know we will leaving behind lots of them. :)

  5. Love the colors in this one. Lots of scrappy fun in that one.


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