Friday, September 4, 2015

Because I love you sewing

Many times we are sewing for the love of sewing.
And then there are the times
we are sewing because we love someone.
This week it was ALL "I love you sewing"!!!

First the diapers.
What a project!

The diapers were fiddly.
Not sure how many more I'll make.
It WAS nice to sew with my daughter who's in town!
She made a dress and I slaved away on the diapers.

I also threw together a nursing poncho.
SUPER simple project!!
Yeah for EASY!!

This monster wasn't so simple.
IT's a BIG 'ol football flag.

My son thinks I can do anything......
In NO TIME at all.
They need it next week.

Last, but not least, I made some bunting for the baby shower.
Another simple "I love you" project.

Sanity sewing is on the agenda NEXT week!!!


  1. Wow! You stitched up a storm this week, Beth. No wonder your son thinks you can do anything - it looks that way to me, too! :o) Well done on so many projects sewn in love and a big "yes!" to your sanity sewing next week. ;o)
    Have an awesome long weekend!

  2. You accomplished so much! You should be so proud. I think it's wonderful that your son considers you a supermom with sewing being your superpower :)
    I love the bunting!

  3. Good for you for sewing for loved ones, and for the loved ones for appreciating your sewing. I recall making two dozen of those velcro diapers with elastic in the legs and how many fiddly steps there were. We used them and wore them out with two babies, so at least it was worth it.

  4. Oh wow! Crazy kind of sewing; but, so appreciated I"m sure!

  5. Those diapers are fiddly but they turned out so cute. Isn't it wonderful to be a hero in your son's eyes? Of course you can do anything.

  6. Well I must agree with your son. I think you can do anything.
    Those diapers look very difficult. I bought and used Birdseye diapers with my children. Disposable diapers were just coming out, but were not an option as I had three babies in diapers at the same time.

  7. Wow all that in one week, you have been busy! They all look fantastic finishes and it must have been lovely to sew with your daughter :)

  8. That was a busy week. Love the diapers, that green is so cheerful. Hope you get in some sanity sewing next week.

  9. What a great variety of projects. Nicely done!


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