Sunday, August 2, 2015

Monday Making

Hello Friends!
Time for a little Monday Making!

I'm cutting up a new quilt this week 
and doing some quilter's math.




When I get a bunch of EIGHTS I'll get into some DOUBLE digits....
Maybe I'll even make it to some TRIPLE digits!!!
Let's HOPE so!!

This is the beginning of TWO twin sized quilts.
TWO sort of Matching SCRAP quilts.
Now THAT's something that hasn't been done at MY house before!!!
Have YOU ever made TWO scrap quilts that SORT of match??

It's YOUR turn.
What are you making this week????


  1. Im finally working on my amazing pile of Mimosa fabrics :) Scrap quilts are my all time favourite, so yours will look stunning when completed :)

  2. No, I've never tried to make matching quilts, though I do like making scrappy quilts. Enjoy your new projects.

  3. so pretty! I'm trying to make sense of a mystery quilt that I started, the pattern was messed up, and now I have a mess! So I'm trying to improve it but my math/planning- ahead skills stink! Ha!

  4. anything with greens I a matter of fact I have made two matching sort of quilt tops (to be finished in the distant future)...made too many blocks for an unplanned quilt so arranged the leftovers differently...

  5. Do I see pieces of old sheets in those blocks? Will be watching how this turns out.

  6. You have the very best scraps.:)

  7. Have fun with your scrappy play. Love the blue scrap with the white flowers.

  8. There's always something new to try, that's what makes quilting so addictive! I know these twin quilts are going to look great. And you're so productive you'll probable finish them before I get started on my next project!
    At the moment, I'm hand sewing the binding down on a baby quilt and I've also got a rough idea for my next one brewing in my mind.
    Teresa x

  9. i love simple quilts! i think theres something very satisfying about sewing lots of squares!


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