Monday, August 10, 2015

Monday Making

Good Morning friends.
It's Monday here and I'm ready to begin a FUN week of MAKING.

I'm working away on weaving this wrap/shawl on my loom.
It was SO fun to pull a bunch of yarn to warp this with.
I'm weaving with a fuzzy THIN yarn that was given to me.
It has little BITS of color and that  makes the weaving
a surprise...
which I LIKE!
Where will the little bits of color pop out????

I'm also contemplating this pattern.
My daughter plans on using cloth diapers.
DO I make a few of these????
How do I make them?
What fabric should I use???

What are YOU making this week???

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  1. Oh, those Kwik Sew patterns --I used lots of them when my kids were young. Check with your daughter and her friends. There is a new fabric out that makes great diaper covers for cloth diapers. There is a snap system, if I remember correctly, that holds the "muscle" part of the diaper in place. My daughter used them for the girls for the first year or two. You can buy the special fabric at JoAnn Fabric Stores. Good luck. The fabric you are making is gorgeous!

  2. Wow! Weaving! That's amazing work, impressed to say the least!

  3. I've been wanting to get my loom down again. Seeing your lovely weaving is really motivating.

  4. I used cloth diapers like those exclusively with my second son (he will turn 12 this Thursday -- how time flies!). I say, go for it! I didn't make any of my own diapers, but the ones I bought online from SAHM businesses looked very similar to the Kwik Sew pattern you posted. Some of them were made out of waterproof breathable fabrics intended for lightweight raincoats, and others -- my favorites -- had novelty quilting cottons that I had selected for the outside of the diapers, with a waterproofing product applied to them, then a layer of waterproof something or other on the inside, and soft fleece next to the baby's skin. I put folded cotton or hemp "plain" diapers into a pocket for absorbency, and pulled them out for washing. Those were adorable and I got so many compliments from people who thought they were covers for disposable diapers. Best of all, once my son was potty trained, I sold all of my USED cloth diapers on eBay -- and a woman from France paid me more for them than they cost me originally!

  5. Kwik Sew patterns are the best, used them when my children were newborn right up to school age, everytime my item turned out bang on the money, love them. No need to suggest fabrics/water proofing ideas as the talented ladies above have already done so :)

  6. This shawl is going to be gorgeous. Love the bits of color.

  7. I used a diaper service with both my kids. Loved it, they also recycle, filter their water which is great in CA. PUL is great for diaper covers, and other baby items (polyurethane laminate). I have made prefold diapers from flannel, fleece, can use old clothing, sheets, etc. Used this site for making prefolds - Use or borrow a serger. Have fun.

  8. P.S. How wonderful to have a new baby as an addition to the family (soon).

  9. Oh my goodness, you do it all don't you? I love the weaving. What fun those diaper covers will be, baby fabrics are the most fun!!

  10. I did the cloth diaper making for my daughter. The fabric you use is called PUL. It is the outed fabric and then the cloth liners are like a cotton flannel. I got my PUL as a bolt at Tuesday Morning. The flannel is/was available at (I believe that is where I got it). You can get the snaps, velcro, elastic and PUL at JoAnns, but I think it would be cheaper online. You don't need so many of the outer PUL pants as you do the fabric liners.

    Your weaving is fabulous, Beth.


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