Monday, January 19, 2015

Monday Making

Little orphans are becoming
Little quilts at my house these days.

I received quite a few orphan blocks 
a couple of years ago (has it been that long???)
and I'm STILL working at getting them 
Finished UP!

Most of them became charity quilts...
but I few blocks didn't quite FIT in.
These little quilts will be part of an auction.

They will be the centerpieces at a retreat/conference.
We'll eat our meals around these pretty little quilts.
Thanks go to all the SWEET quilters
who sent me these lovely gems.

My goal is 12.
I'm up to 6
and I have until April.
Yeah! I think I"ll make it in plenty of time! you can see....
these guys are not DONE!
Knowing ME....
I'll wait until the very last minute to get the bindings on.
At that point I will have to DIG again to FIND
the right fabric!!!!

I love all of them!
These table toppers would also make GREAT doll quilts!

Some of these little quilts are STRETCHING me.
I learned how to add PRAIRIE points!!!
It's always a good thing to LEARN something new.

This is for when I'm NOT at the sewing machine.
I'll make a little progress today while I sit 
and watch Downton Abbey on PBS...  :)

The kids have been wearing the HATS I gave them for Christmas!
Made me want to make some MORE.


  1. Love the colors, especially in the ribbed knit hat. Looks like you are enjoying.

  2. Your little table topper quilts are wonderful.

  3. very nice Beth,
    little quilts are so perfect for dealing with the orphans.
    i'm hoping for 2015 to deal with a few of my orphans....
    wish i could knit - don't have the patience for it...... but i'm "thinking" about giving it a who knows...maybe!!

  4. Sounds like a fun project! Love that dresden especially.:)

  5. You keep yourself so busy, Beth, with such nice results.

  6. Oh those orphan blocks and quilt pieces provide endless fodder for these wonderful projects! I like the color range of the yarns in your knitting. Relaxing to do while watching Downton Abby!

  7. Hi, I'm not finding a place to email you. I'd like to ask your permission to share your hexie table mat with my quilt guild. I think it would be great in valentine fabrics. You have a really great blog, thanks for sharing so much.. btw, I also weave.

  8. Cool little orphans gonna find good "forever homes!" I love your prairie points!


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