Friday, January 30, 2015

Facts on Friday

Fact #1
It takes a REALLY long time to cut tumblers
using a plastic acrylic template.

Fact #2
Vintage fabric makes a good jumping OFF place
for any kind of scrap quilt.

This quilt began with vintage
and ended with whatever I could find
that kind of blended in!

Fact #3
Hand me downs + STASH = FREE quilt


  1. = free warmth = equals better environment!

  2. Another cheery quilt. All kinds working together.

  3. I've thought about making a tumbler quilt, because I've loved everyone I see, but that fact #1 throws me off every time. Some day I'll go for it though. Can't be worse than the triangle, right?

  4. Diane over at sells a couple sizes made out of acrylic. They work great! LOVE your tumbler quilt. The fabrics make it fantastic.:)

  5. Marti Michell has a great template with engineered corners. Acrylic, you can cut multiple layers with no problem. The sewing is also fast, easy an accurate, because of the small nips of the corners cut away.
    Beautiful quilt :-)

  6. There IS proof today that I only function with HALF of a brain. ;) In today's post I said I used a plastic template. Sorry. It's acrylic. Thanks to all of you who have a WHOLE brain to keep me on track. I've had my template a long time. It was handed down to me from my quilt mom Gerda. It still took me a long time to cut all the little things out of scraps!!!

  7. It turned out beautifully. So well blended & so you!

  8. Lovely finish on this one--I like the play of prints one against the other a lot! Hugs, Julierose

  9. I used my die-cutter for my own tumbler quilt. Without that short cut, I probably still wouldn't have made one.

  10. It's beautiful, Beth! Love the mix of vintage and color!!


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