Monday, January 26, 2015

Monday Making

It's Monday!
What are you working on this week?
There's a link up today if you want to share!

I'm plotting and planning.

Two more quilts to go for the graduating high school seniors
and a SEWING DAY Friday
with friends to get some done!

I now have a plan.
All I have to do is WAIT.
Waiting is the hardest part.

Top quilt will be modern and yellow.

This quilt will use up some more SCRAPS!

I will NEVER run out of those!!

It's for a boy.
I think making a quilt for a boy...
a teenage boy...
Is the hardest kind of quilt to make!!!

Your turn.
Are you in the middle of something fun?
Does not have to be quilting.
Maybe you're trying a new recipe?


  1. OOOOOOO a linky party here, too. How fun. Thanks for hosting.

  2. I love your colours - those blue-grey shades with the yellows look great.

  3. Masculine quilts are often hard. I know I don't make enough of them for Happy Chemo. Though I try.

  4. I like the looks of both things you've got in the works here!

  5. I think that makes a great male quilt. Nice scrap quilts, Beth.


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