Thursday, January 29, 2015

Little bits and pieces

I can't seem to leave my little squares alone!

I made a little tiny..
Itsy bitsy...

A picnic quilt.

The dolls at my house are happy folk today.
They haven't ever had a HOMEMADE quilt!

1 1/2" squares were used.
I did not use batting.
After joining all the squares together
I added the backing pillowcase fashion
and slip stitched the edge closed.
I added little pink ties in all the corners.
It measures 4"x 5"

The dolls are all in a dither.....
trying to figure out who gets to use it FIRST!


  1. Your dolls are very lucky!!!

  2. LOL! Oh too funny, and your tiny quilt too cute!

  3. Your blog always makes me smile! Thanks for the chuckle of the image of all the dolls taking turns on their picnic quilt.

  4. How fun! This little picnic quilt and your pincushions yesterday are just so happy.

  5. hhahahh how very sweet..... dolls in a dither..... dolls are like that!!!
    i just re-"found" my 3" ari doll... hm.... at the moment she's naked. maybe a dress is in order for her, before a quilt for her??
    sweet mini quilt Beth!!

  6. What a sweet quilt. Very lucky dolls.

  7. SO cute! I remember back in the day with me and my sister..we played dolls when little and Barbies when older and we always made stuff for them...of course...every barbie had a kleenex blanket or two and (cut) stripes of kleenex rolled up to make toilet paper....


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