Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Deep Blue Sea

My quilt top is complete.
All I needed to do was to sit down and DO IT!  The thought of appliquéing the edges of all the hexagons onto the white border was bigger in my HEAd than the reality!
I was able to appliqué all around this afternoon !  

Does anyone else like to appliqué on a table? 
After sewing a basting stitch through the middle of the outside hexagons...attaching it to the border.....I needle turned the edges under.

Now I need to get some motivation from somewhere......and quilt this thing. It's HUGE!

Ooooh! I love all that color!
Hoping to quilt some hexagons in the white border.  Wish me luck! 
Anyone have some extra motivation laying around they're not using?
I'm running short.

The post about how I made this quilt is HERE .


  1. no extra motivation here - i just finally got some myself....sorry!!!
    lovely quilt.... hexies always intrigue me, but i don't have the stamina - hahahah
    looking forward to seeing how it all turns out...

  2. Hi!!!! It is beautiful!!!! Love all the blues!!!! It will be cherished!!!!

  3. Love that quilt,,,,,,, I made a hexie quilt all by hand a little while ago. I put it on my blog. Alas,,, no spare motivation here,,, just have enough for me!

  4. its beautiful worth all the work you put into this.
    can't wait to see how you quilt it

  5. I just finished a hexie not too long ago, so here's some motivation: it will be absolutely beautiful when it is finished!

  6. Yes! I also like to spread my applique out on a table to work. I've been doing it that way for so long that I'm afraid I couldn't just hold it in my lap and work. I have to feel the needle on the top of the table so I usually sit at my old formica dinette.

  7. What size hexies did you use? I love this quilt---may have to start some hand work ;D

  8. It's so beautiful! Love how this is turning out.:)

  9. I love all those blues you have used. It really looks calming. I prefer to do applique at a table too. It helps me to keep the underlying layer flat.

  10. Beautiful colors! This is one to be especially proud of.

  11. Your quilt is turning out so well. Just a little bit more to go. You can do it.

  12. This is beautiful , I'm always so tempted to epp a hexy quilt but i don't think I'll ever finish it !


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