Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bags And more bags

I have lots of bags....
But it seems there's always a need for another one!
Hubby needed one for headphones he was traveling with.

I made a couple more......out of....
An old pair of pants.  ;)

Then I needed one for my morning walk.

This one is little and stretchy.
I tucked my phone inside and slung it over my shoulder with headphones attached.  I love listening to music while I walk! It's lightweight and comfortable!

For this little bag I used an old pair of leggings from daughter and some tshirt yarn.
Yes. I save things. Fabric things!
Don't you?
Here's the basket of tshirt yarn waiting for inspiration!

Then....this week....I went to the fabric store with my little helper.

We walked out with fabric from the movie frozen! And.....a bag was born!
I had entered the store to buy muslin. ;)
I think my helper is happy we bought something besides WHITE!


  1. Another frozen obsessed child! My niece loves it but I still haven't seen it x

  2. Lovely little bags,, and a sweet little helper.

  3. your little helper is not only very cute...she's got good taste!!!
    (well....obviously....cause she chose you....)
    sweet bags too


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