Friday, September 12, 2014


Sometimes it's fun to give yourself a challenge.
Today I gave myself the finish it up on Friday challenge. ;)
aka...crazy mom quilt link up and Sarah's whoop whoop link up on fridays.
I had lots of other things to do......
But challenges are FUN!

In my orphan drawer I had the borders shown here....thinking I'd use them column style in a baby quilt.
There they sat.

I made a nice big square and surrounded it with the long strips of pre-sewn scraps!

Happy scraps!
Yeah for a finish!

I also have a knitting project going and have learned something about myself.

I'm a quilter at heart.

Choosing just ONE yarn to make a sweater does NoT come easy. 
Throwing LOTS of scraps together does!

Anyone else have that problem?

I told my friend after yarn shopping recently that I really need PRACTICE buying yarn! 
Think hubby will go along with that one?
hAh hah!

I have a great knitting book I've been enjoying. She loves knitting like I love quilting. ;)

What a treasure of a book!

Have a great weekend friends! 
Maybe it will include sewing, knitting, reading......OR.....all three!


  1. great baby quilt, wow! so bright and happy! thanks for sharing
    I love challenges like this!

  2. Really cute quilt! Your project is knit from the top down? Had not seen that before. Many years ago, when I did a lot of crafts, I told myself to pick one. It was quilting. However, now I'm getting into mixed media in addition- uh oh. So I know what you mean!

  3. Love your baby quilt, those borders look great!

  4. What a HAPPY quilt. Love all of those colors. Congrats on meeting your challenge. I try to keep my knitting projects small just so I don't have those issues. My larger knitting projects get left on the side as soon as I get bored and back to qulting I go.

  5. Love the bright colors! Bright is great for babies :-)


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