Thursday, September 25, 2014

little jobs

When there are BIG jobs waiting to be done....
I choose the LITTLE ones.
Every. Time.

This little table mat
includes all those great flying geese
sent to me last year when I collected orphan blocks.
Someone else's Leftovers
became a LOVELY project for me!
This is the first of 12 table mats
I'll be making for a springtime auction.
I don't know though....
I just might KEEP this one!!!!


  1. Cool mat, Beth! your creations always make me say, "Oooooooh!" Keep up the good work!

  2. This one would match with my GD's wedding colors.
    Love to recycle - especially fabric.

  3. looks like a keeper to me! how awesome is that!

  4. Wow that looks great, those are left overs from a queen sized quilt I made some time ago..........
    terrific job. Happy Sewing!