Thursday, July 4, 2013


Feeling Thrifty and Frugal today.
Pulled out my patriotic/picnic quilt
made long ago using
RED, WHITE and BLUE scraps.

Didn't have enough of the LUSCIOUS red...
so I added a piece of blue.

Made before I knew how to add a binding...
so the backing was cut EXTRA big
and wrapped around to the front.
Quilted very simply.
I used an old blanket for the batting.
Frugal INDEED!
I also patched some blankets this morning
and added new satin binding.
I'm feeling EXTRA thrifty!!!

I cut two patches equal sizes...
pressed the edges in...

and added one to the front
and one to the back!!!
See how the stitching shows up from the first patch??
 I can sort of follow along as I add the other patch on top!!!

I also patched a cream blanket.

Just giving NEW life to old blankets!!!

The side of this one also needed a little fixing.

I DID purchase the satin binding.
I wondered about using cotton for the binding next time.
Any thoughts on the pros and cons of that????
I've got LOTS of cotton fabric
around here somewhere!!!
I can ONLY think of the pros right now.

Last, but not least...
I made a THRIFTy salad.
Everything came from the garden.
THIS morning.
A Thrifty Thursday.
A Happy Fourth!
 A wonderful DAY!!!

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