Wednesday, July 24, 2013


It's been a BUSY one.
My friend came over to try out WEAVING!
I THINK I may have an enthusiastic new WEAVER!

While she was learning...
I was making t-shirt yarn.

Using up all the leftovers from the QUILT I'm working on.

I'm piecing PRECIOUS memories together.

I needed to run out and buy some more interfacing!
I always RUN out when
making these t-shirt quilts.
THIS time I bought the WHOLE BOLT!
1/2 price today.
That was an unexpected treat.

These GUYS hang RIGHT outside my kitchen window.
TONS and TONS of grapes.
My husband's TWO vines are OUTDOING themselves this year!
I pondered WHAT to do with them all!!!
Finally decided to buy ......
A BRAND new adventure!!!
It arrived today.

We'll see if these little grapes turn into
YUMMY raisins by tomorrow!!!
You can see I've been BUSY today.....
and I'm NOT done!!!
Still need to cook DINNER!
What to make??
Deciding THAT is the hardest PART....
don't you think????

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  1. I love the way you use scrap fabrics to make beautiful woven items and think that may be the perfect solution to my own fabric surplus. What type of loom do you use or recommend?


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