Saturday, July 13, 2013

An African Adventure

I tackled another RESCUE effort this week!!!
(rescuing orphan blocks
from a lonely life in the drawer)

I started with this VERY large orphan "block"
measuring 31"x32".
Much bigger than an orphan block...
but NOT big enough for a quilt.
This was sent to me along with
other various orphans.
What WAS I going to do with this big
BEGINNING of a quilt?

I found this mustard colored sheet at the thrift store.
I added squares from my square drawers...
different sizes...
Pieced into the mustard sheet.
I like the different sized squares....
I LOVE the FUN of finding
those colors ALREADY cut and READY to go
in my drawers!!!!

There were also some other orphans
that got to be included into this quilt!
I didn't know what to do with those
TWO black lines in the middle there.
I'm adding some applique squares to break it up a bit.
I might be done with this quilt top..
I might add another border!
Today, though, I need to get ready for house guests!!!
They'll be IN MY SEWING room!
One guest is a missionary from Africa.
This quilt kind of "goes" with the THEME of my week!
Isn't that FUN???
Have a GREAT weekend!

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