Sunday, July 7, 2013

Flowers for a Friend

I love to give flowers to my friends.

Thanks to my GREEN THUMB of a Husband...
I almost ALWAYS have SOME kind of blossom to GIVE!!!

I usually have little leftover jars in the cupboard.
This one came from the grocery store FULL of instant coffee.
Let's face it...
I'm NOT a coffee snob...
I DO need like my COFFEE!!!
I really didn't want to take the time and effort
to get rid of that AWFUL glue mess on the side of this jar....

I covered it up!!!
FABRIC to the RESCUE again!!!

A little bit of modgepodge was ALL it took!

I added a scrappy tote bag
and my gift was COMPLETE!
End of story:
My friend LOVED IT!!!
Woo hoo!!!

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