Monday, July 8, 2013

the BEST thing

If you were to try and GUESS what I love most
about this quilt...
I think you'd have a hard time
choosing the ONE thing
that REALLY makes it for ME!
There are so many things to like!

There are some CUTE little owls...
but that's not it!

I LOVE this color...
but that's not IT either.

You may think it's the scrappy blocks.
YES!! I DO love scrappy blocks...
but something else TRUMPED them this time.

The binding??
I struggled finding a suitable binding...
so I'm NOT friends with this binding.....YET!

The pieced backing???
You're SOooo close!
I AM happy I used up almost ALL of the
fabric that came in this fat eighth bundle...
partly because I added those blocks
on the back!

A piece of my vintage fabric!
I ADORE this fabric.
This quilt incorporates the VERY FIRST cut!!!
There's more of this wonderful fabric to use
on my next project!!!!...

A scrappy quilt to love!

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